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Dry Ice Removal Plastic, Metal Parts Burrs Method

Writer: Kangding metal Pubdate:2018-03-18 Source:CNC Machining Factory
Description:About CNC Machining Surface Treatment Process------Dry ice removal metal parts glitch method Services: CNC Machining, Milling, EDM Machining, Extrusion, Polishing the surface of metal parts. Mold Material: H13 tool steel Part Material: Stain...

About CNC Machining Surface Treatment Process------Dry ice removal metal parts burrs method

Services: CNC Machining, Milling, EDM Machining, Extrusion,Polishing the surface of metal parts.
Mold Material: H13 tool steel
Part Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum ADC-12 and 6065,

About The Project
In grinding terms, Burrs: Refers to unnecessary protrusions left by various types of machining. For most processing methods, Parts will produce burrs of different sizes during machining.
We selected for the actual quality of processing a stable condition, high productivity, What are the deburring products and methods that are convenient and ensure the dimensional accuracy and position accuracy of the part itself?

In the milling and CNC precision parts processing, there will be a little burrs, But it directly affects the quality of the product. Affect the pre-processing problems of processed workpieces.

The deburring method is also one of the most common occurrences in cutting processing in the metal and plastic industry. The burrs mentioned here are not the burrs produced by the tool wear process. It's the filamentous burr that is visible to the naked eye or invisible to the naked eye.

Traditional processing burrs method
Traditional processing burrs method

In the face of CNC burrs caused by the rotation of the knife after machining plastics, there are currently three kinds of traditional techniques:

1. Liquid nitrogen freezing method:
The effect is good but has some limitations. Long time efficiency is low, local areas are not completely removed,

2. Plastic sandblasting method:
The cost is low, but the sandblasting material has a high hardness. It is easy to damage the product, And the secondary treatment of residual gaps in blasting raw materials is also a challenge.

3. The manual processing method:
  Time-consuming, high efficiency and low cost.

4. Electrochemical methods:
Whether it is appearance or environmental considerations, it is not the most appropriate.

Metal parts burr removal method
Traditional plastic product burr removal method
The traditional abrasive polishing is also used only in the roughing stage. After the precision mirror processing, Products can not have surface damage, In response to these industry characteristics, we recommend a method that is environmentally friendly and efficient ------ dry ice deburring,
Our company introduced Suzhou Supuman Electrical Co., Ltd. to develop a dry ice deburring device. The use of solid CO2 (dry ice) changes in physical properties of thermal expansion and contraction, The principle of force generated by the volume expansion of the sublimation of the solid state instantaneously removes the burr, There is no secondary pollution of food grade dry ice.

Dry ice removal burr principle
Dry ice removal burr principle
Solid-state dry ice accelerates in high-pressure air,The impact force is about 80 times that of gas, Impact to the surface of the burr product being removed. Product surface finish can reach 99.9%. Dry ice vaporizes in the moment of impact, and dry ice also vaporizes into the air without polluting the environment.

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