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Stamping Precision Terminals

Writer: Kangding metal Pubdate:2018-04-03 Source:CNC Machining Factory
Description:Stamping Precision Terminals Product Name: Stamping precision terminals material : Phosphorous copper, copper, bronze, brass, beryllium copper, stainless steel Process: connection stamping, precision metal stamping parts ,sheet metal stam...

Stamping Precision Terminals

Product Name:
Stamping precision terminals

Phosphorous copper, copper, bronze, brass, beryllium copper, stainless steel

connection stamping, precision metal stamping parts ,sheet metal stamping parts, brass stampings, progressive die stamping

1. Terminal definition
1.1 The terminal is a product made of copper alloy after high-speed continuous stamping die or single engineering die. The terminal is the core part that completes the electrical connection function.
1.2 Normally consists of a positive contact and a negative contact. The electrical connection is completed through the engagement of the male and female contacts. The positive contact member is a rigid part.
1.3 positive contact member is generally made of brass, phosphor bronze. The female contact, the jack, is the key part of the contact pair. It relies on the elastic structure to be elastically deformed when inserted with the pin, and the elastic force is brought into close contact with the positive contact to complete the connection.

2. Terminal appearance shape
2.1 cylindrical, square, curved, cantilever beam, forked, branched type, Hermaphroditic, spade, approach

3. The material of the terminal
3.1 commonly used phosphorus copper, copper, bronze, brass, beryllium copper, stainless steel and other metals

4. Stamping technology featuresStamping technology features
4.1  Multi-cavity terminal:

For example, DDR240P terminal common company only develops 2X4 to 8, but now our company developed 16x for 2X8, and adopts the plug-test mold structure. Reducing the material width from 26.5mm to 21.0mm can save 17.5% of the material, and the speed can be increased from the general 500 to 650, which can fully save the material and time cost for customers.
4.2 Small step terminals:
The general company developed a terminal with a step size of 1.0 or higher, but the MINI-PCI step size we developed is 0.50mm. This saves me a lot of material, and greatly reduces the amount of time spent on the final product. This can make the product smaller and smaller and more precise.
4.3 Multi-directional feed terminals:
Terminals developed by general companies can only feed materials in one direction from left to right. However, HeaderPin terminals developed by our company feed materials from left to right and from front to back at the same time.The flushed terminal facilitates gold plating. It used to be entirely gold-plated. Now only plated contact end portion, can save more than 50% of the gold plating costs, and easy to follow the assembly, the assembly can increase the assembly efficiency of about 20%.
4.4 High Speed Stamping:
At present, the stamping speed of our company can reach more than 1000 times per minute, that is, the 16-cavity mold can produce 12.5KK terminals a day.

4.5 Minimum Tolerance Terminals:
Generally, the tolerance of the terminal is within +/-0.10MM, and some require tight tolerance control of +/-0.04, but our company can achieve +/-0.02MM. This tolerance is very high for the mold.
4.6 fisheye shape round:
This process is very complex, the general company can not complete the fish eye shape round, we use computer-assisted equipment, edit the curve with mirror discharge machining, and the surface requires polishing Ra0.40, the product surface arc is very uniform. Injury PCB board. The use of the product is very favorable.
4.7 terminal twist 90 degrees:
The terminal is twisted 90 degrees inside the mold. This structure is very complicated and has a high degree of difficulty. We use the slider mechanism to shape the terminal 90 degrees along the slider's direction of motion. The quality of this forming method is relatively stable.
4.8 Many times of complex bending forming:
The degree of difficulty of this process in the connector industry is very high. We use double feeding method into the mold. Use a mechanism to connect one terminal to the other.

4.9 Punching ultra-thin material:
General company processing material thickness is 0.15mm to 0.50mm, However, we can process materials with a minimum thickness of 0.08mm.The processing accuracy  of this kind of thin material mold is one grade higher than usual.
4.10 Punching super thick, hard material:
In general, thicker and harder materials can easily wear punches and blade. So we use better mold steel, the material can be processed more than 0.8 material thickness.
4.11 Good section smooth  finish:
For the connector, the better the finish of the contact surface, the smaller the impedance, the smaller the surface wear, the more durable the product, and the more stable the transmission signal. We produce a terminal surface finish, more than 95%.
4.12The width of the punch is less than the thickness of the material:
When the width of the punch is less than one material thickness, the punch is very easy to break. In this case we have a wealth of solutions.
4.13 Small burrs control terminals:
Usually controlled within 0.04MM terminal of burrs, but our production terminals can be controlled in the 0.02, This way when assembling, It will not scratch the gold-plated surface between the plastic and the terminal. It is conducive to the stability of conduction.

5. Application scopeApplication scope
5.1 Information Products
5.2 Cars, Motorcycles
5.3 Air Navigation
5.4 Nuclear Power
5.5 phone, mobile phone
5.6 PC Computer
5.7 medical supplies

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